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Omfinite begun as a simple idea, inspired by the sacred Om sound that is so famously used in meditation. During our own meditation practice, we found strength and power from this ancient Sanskrit sound and wanted to spread love and peace to others through our products. Just like the Om sound, whose mantra causes a ripple that purifies our mind and soul, we want to create a place for everyone by connecting them with designs and ideas that reflect this belief.  

At Omfinite, we blend the modern and trendy designs with ancient and spiritual inspirations in order to create something that reflects the positive change we want to be in the world. We also aim to create designs that are stylish, comfortable and versatile that you can wear outdoors, while meditating or whichever adventure you decide to embark on.

Because we not only want to talk the talk but also walk the walk, we donate part of our proceeds to this amazing organization, 3HO Foundation whose vision is an inspiration to us. Make sure to check them out here and find out how you can also be a part of this movement. 

Be sure to check out our store to check out what we have for you  and feel free to contact us in case you have a question (or you just want to say hello to the team.) We would love to hear from you!

OUR MISSION: to facilitate mass adoption of meditation practice globally


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